” ——- would ya shut up?

                 ” or else…? ya don’t look dangerous for me !!

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              ” do i look like a fucking skunk to you ???

                           “no but ya stink like one.

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    ” well look, a skunk! i swear to god, if ya fart on me
        i will fuckin’ castrate you !!

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◟vagabond◝ hey people! just wanna let you know that i’m now on LINE as well! if you want my name just tell me and i’ll give it c:





                           ” I remember you— I remember every pretty face
                             I come in contact with. Have you come to stay
                             and ROT with me ? “

        ” just what the hell”, the vagrant almost lost herself as
             she visioned the blonde. she knew him, she had him in memory
             as a nice young man, somehow annoying yet amusing. however,
             when she looked at him, she knew that he was different. that he
             lost his mind.                   “i can stay if ya like but i won’t rot.

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              ❝ Don’t worry, I’m not here to market anything ——
                 Let alone swimming. ❞
              The  second  phrase  was  hushed, followed by a 
              glimpse  in  the  direction  of  the  shorter  youth. 
              As   beryl   irises  briefly   scanned  over  the  girl,  
              the swimmer voiced an inquiry 
              ❝ Just —— Tell me this:
                 How long do you plan on standing there?              


    ” hah? want me ta leave or what? or do i stay at a wrong spot?
     the female moved away from said spot. “if ya wanna hop in th’ pool
     i won’t hold ya.

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    the 20th ward, a favorite place of the rebellious half ghoul. it didn’t matter
     if the risk of getting busted was high, she could care less about it. sucking noises,
     loud smacking noises, what were table manners. for a monster like her it was
     she used her palm to wipe the remains away, as she heard noises coming closer.
     she sniffed before she got up and looked around. she didn’t care if she was full
     with blood; but she didn’t like if someone of her kind bothered her during her meal.


    azure optics visioned an androgynous stature. a ghoul? ryuko didn’t care.
      “too late”, she said, “i was here first. and i won’t share with ya.


           it’s not like she’d see a hedgehog walking like a human
               for the second time. what was happening?

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