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    [♔] — "… Do you happen to have some candy?"

          it was very surprising that a kid was asking a stranger for
             some sweet treats. wasn’t it afraid? okay, ryuko was a girl after
             after all— but who knows. azure optics gazed at the boy.
                              “do i look like a candy store?


▒█ ▌( ♚ ) ;; Freiheit des Lebens

                               ——————— ;; Ich werde meine Seele zum Ausdruck )


     Brows furrow, but not necessarily with contempt—— more ordained 
     perplexity. He can’t tell if he has mixed feelings or no feelings about
     Ryuko; whether he dislikes her or relates to her or just doesn’t care for
     her. But despite the clashing of oh so s i m i l a r personalities, the
     titan shifter can’t help but feel relieved to see a f a m i l a r face… 
     ———————————————————— that unimpressed gaze.

                    ❝Don’t look too excited to see me, eh?

     And yet, there’s a minuscule hint of amusement hidden in the
     small curve of his mouth.


               the drifter’s lips turned into a grin, an amusing expression
                    from her side wasn’t missing at all. it felt like an eon since their
                    last encounter, and now as they meet back each other, they’d
                    probably end up the same way they’d splat apart.
                    “excited? your sense of humor didn’t fade away like it seems !!

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      ” im’ not interested in any kind of swimmin’, big guy.”, azure optics
           were directed at the taller, before the drifter tilted her head. “— or what
           did ya actually want for me?" she knew that guy was related to
           anything about swimming.

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        ” what did ya say? couldn’t hear ya by all that noise!
               speak louder, thanks.

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slxnderman replied to your post: anonymous said:Do you miss anyone…


◟vagabond◝  yes, the fuckin’ dosh king.

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          ” what exactly ‘bout ‘outta my way' didn't ya understand, punk?

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   Do you miss anyone from the KLK fandom?

◟vagabond◝  hm… yeah i do. especially the people i was stuck with all those
six months when i started role playing ryuko. especially people like anaraiz—aa, venenxm, biancovirtuoso, … there’d be more, but i don’t know their urls anymore ( sobs ). i miss a lot of people, yes. does this get me back into the fandom and role play with another people? not really. i’m stuck with the people i met back then.

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              ” so… why did cha call me here? i highly doubt it was
                      for tea. ‘cause i could drink my tea at my sister’s as well.